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If you are struggling with a space that has different grades, allow us to help with self-leveling and floor patching. At Hamilton Concrete Grinding, we prepare your surface for the flooring so that it can last for longer.

We specialize in the removal of glue, oils, dust, epoxy, and making your floor even for new and fresh flooring. Our team of trained surface preparation professionals uses the most advanced equipment to ensure all the waste material has been removed, and your surface is left smooth.

Benefits Of Floor Preparation

When the old flooring is removed, it leaves the glue and coating which cause unwanted problems after new floor installation. With the floor preparation in the GTA, you can lower the maintenance costs by up to 20 percent and prevent a costly repair. The floor preparation also helps in preventing new flooring from laying uneven.

Our Surface Preparation Technique

At Hamilton Concrete Grinding, we use top-notch grinders to remove the surface including set sealers, polymers and more. Our machines and technique allow us to pull up the material that is set into the pores of the concrete, and thus we make sure that every bit of the sealant is removed. As a result, a smooth surface is ready for the new sealant. You can rely on us for:

  • Use Of Powerful Machines
  • Top-Notch Quality Services
  • 100 % Customer Satisfaction
  • Trained & Experienced Contractors
  • On-Time Project Completion

If you are looking for affordable surface preparation services in the GTA, look no forward than us. Allow us to take care of surface preparation to provide you with the best results for epoxy and paintable products.


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